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MLP sucks. G5 sucks. Sunny is a mary sue. Izzy is just a knockoff pinkie pie. The dragons look childish and retarded. I fuck kids. Hey guys its quandale dingle here. Hitch is a terrible sheriff and his only character trait is being a stupidass dad. Zipp is ugly and a bad detective and a knockoff rainbow dash. Pipp is an annoying trendy phone addicted teen that sings the most vapid and empty pop songs ive ever heard. Parents suck. I want to kms and my parents don’t care. I blamed everything that happens to me on them and they just say “no you need to respect your parents!!!!”. I hope right after I kms someone kills my parents and my dog gets a better owner who has no kids, kills parents and is antinatalist and rapes and kills anyone who isn’t.

2023-11-17 17:57:40 UTC

safe jpg
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