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I'm twelve and what is this?

This is Rainbooru, a my little pony image booru

What's a booru?

A place where you upload images

Why does it look like ass?

I got tired of working on the CSS and just launched it. I'll prettyfy it in the coming days

Why's it better than other mlp boorus?

Nobody can pay to be a mod, and you can only be banned for a max of 24 hours. Also you never get completely banned. We can take away individual privilages (like image uploading) if you're abusing the feature, while still retaining others (like commenting on pictures)

How do I tell you all the things I don't like?

Go to the feedback page. Questions, comments, and criticism is encouraged. Especially negative criticism. The kind that certain site administrators might deem "unconstructive" and "only designed to hurt people"

How do I message a particlar user?

I will implement more elegant solutions in the future. For now, find their user page or an image they uploaded and click on their name.

How do recover my lost username/password?

You don't. Not yet. That feature isn't added. Send a feedback with a contact email or something and a way to prove you own the account somehow.

How do I log out?

Close the page in your web browser.

Is there mobile support

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... no. It turns out responsive CSS is a little challenging without javacript. I'll do it when I clean up the rest of the css

Wait there's no javascript?

All the tech heads know javascript is bad and not good

What are the rules?

How to I watch/filter/block tags?

That feature isn't added yet. Someone pushed me to launch ahead of schedule.

Help, someone is bullying me and being a meanie poopoo head. Ban him!

I don't like my mods to meddle in the personal affairs of users. In the future, you will be able to block and filter certain users sitewide so they cant bother you, but that feature isn't added yet either because of someone. For now, PM me and if it seems like a big deal I'll stop them messaging you.