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"The group of gryphons stumbled upon grounds protected by the Solar Rays who did not take kindly to a surprise from unknown visitors bearing sharp talons, and beaks. The gryphons were quickly greeted by an extreme heat and blinding light emanating from the unicorn's powerful magic, as they jumped into defensive mode. The Solar Rays stood strong in their ground, seemingly relaying energy from the sun itself. As they continued to grow hotter and hotter the feathers, on those unfortunate enough to stand too close, began bursting into flames, and scorching their skin wherever it was exposed to the rays of light…"

"Praise the sun!!!"

Part of my First Contact War universe.
Action scene for the Solar Rays showing some of their power. Unfortunately for the gryphons, they are the test subjects in this case. It seems like a bad idea to surprise an elite force as an unknown creature with natural intimidating claws, sharp beaks, and size. While also not being able to handle burning hot temperatures.

The equestrian world is a dangerous place, which I guess makes those, who's duty it is to fight those dangers, a bit on edge.

My second piece today?! I guess they both took about the same time. It's useful to have a calmer piece to lay out the design and then use that to make a dynamic/action scene. Besides both being useful in showing an universe.

So now the Sun has a specialist elite group of Equines. What other celestial body could I use next time…?

Approx Time: 4,5 hours
*Time Lapse:

First Contact War
'First Contact War' is a fictional universe set within the My Little Pony world focused on an ancient war between Equines and Gryphons.

Never having seen each other, equal civilizations in strength, their ways of life did not match well in this encounter. Starting with small contacts, quickly escalating due to unfortunate actions. Now both sides suffer the consequences as they head towards a total war.

2020-07-14 11:10:59 UTC

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