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2024-03-28 10:26:50 UTC

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cbat is life
i live at the same time as cbat
cbat can go to hell and bring the devil back up to heaven
cbat can cure everyone’s depression and all their mental illnesses
cbat can stop world hunger and all wars
cbat can fix this world
cbat can make climate change go away
cbat can make all the trash in the sea and land go away
cbat should rule all planets
cbat is perfect
cbat is amazing
cbat is a masterpiece
cbat is cbat
as of today
cbat has committed. the only person to blame for this is tyler’s gf. you hated cbat so much now c’s committed. this is not a joke so please don’t hate.


2024-03-28 11:01:27 UTC
As of today, Cbat has committed. The only person to blame for this is Tyler’s GF. You hated Cbat so much now c’s committed. This is Not a joke so please don’t hate.
2024-03-28 11:26:43 UTC
POV: you are the class clown you: hey guys did you know gravity physics equal sex to cbat whole class: slience you: but also my girlfriend hates my sex music whole class: laughs their arses off crying tears of joy and cbaticness Cbatic kid: laughs in cbatic, slowly losing track of cself and knocking cself out laughing (guys he goes by c/cself respect their pornounces) Stuttering kid: laughs stuttering, sounding like a girl with a smelly arse acting in an indian porno movie kid with asthma: laughs through his inhaler, slowly suffocating teacher: laughs hysterically and hits her head on the desk so hard she dies laughing (the teacher has kids and the class clown is antinatalist so that’s good yay the stubid ass mom teacher is ded) shady stalker pedo grandad (ew he’s a grandad which means he has kids and the class clown is antinatalist and it would be good if the pedo grandad dies): falls out from a nearby locker laughing and choking on a cup of tea holding a camera with a ton of upskirt pics and then dies laughing (yay another parent down!) some random npc: in the wall just standing there doing nothing chinese kid who eats dogs and cats for breakfast: ching chong bing bong your teachers 98yr old assistant: dies from a heart attack by rolling on the floor laughing you: already dead and became one with cbat (wtf you became a song)