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I was in school right? Its 3rd period, english (or as i like to call it LAME period) and my teacher tries starting the lession. I shouted "TODAY I FUCKED UP!" At the top of my lungs and looked around the classroom to see if anybody was laughing. My teacher looked at me a frowned like i was an idiot. I couldnt let him be anti-cbatic to me though. No one understood my humor. I guess they’re normies lol. I knew that since they didnt get the cbat reference. i made another cbat reference, so i jumped out of my desk while the teacher was mid lesson and i screamed "2 YEARS?!?!?!?!" and "MY GIRLFRIEND HATES MY SEX MUSIC" as a joke but nobody laughed and my teacher looked shocked. I got sent to the principals office and told the principal i was joking and i didnt even lose my virginity yet, it was just a meme. Of course the principal is too old to understand so i thought of a joke that he'd get. I ran out of the principals office and started screaming "A LITTLE BACK STORY, WHEN I FIRST STARTED HAVING SEX, I RESEARCHED INTO WAYS TO BE BETTER AS I WAS A LITTLE STIFF AND PRETTY MUCH HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING!" but they didn't the joke and now theyre sending me to a mental asylum because they didnt get the reference and thought i was insane.

2024-03-28 18:15:17 UTC

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2024-03-28 22:07:36 UTC