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so today i was at school modding r/tifu and a human female walked in my direction and TALKED TO ME!!!! i was nervous because i have never had and experience like this before, so i showed her the cbat reddit story and told her that it’s very amazing, but she was bored and walked away, so i told her about the voices in my head (I HAVE 26) and she was still bored, so i grabbed her and she started hitting me but i didn't let go bc i am a cbater so i don't know how to treat girls, and the teacher sent me to the office but i didn't go bc i am a cbater and cbaters only obey the school rules if they are good rules but then i got sent to jail but i didn't care bc i am a cbater, so while i was at jail i was modding r/tifu and made a post about me fucking up and going to jail, and then i got sent to a slaughterhouse as a punishment for killing a dude because he was an anti-cbater, but it was worth it because cbat is life, and when i arrived i was like "HOLY SHIT IT’S THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE ARE THERE ANY 18-20 YEAR OLD GIRLS I CAN FUCK TO CBAT HERE" and then i died but it was worth it bc cbat is life (but only the good parts of life bc most of my life sucks), but then i arrived at the river acheron when i went to hell, and i screamed "ARE THERE ANY GIRLS I CAN FUCK TO CBAT HERE" and i got sent to satan for acting up but it was worth it bc it was a cbat reference

2024-03-29 10:21:51 UTC

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