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How to summon and fuck Cbat: The first step is to wait until it’s 7:30 A.M, when the time is right, grab lotion and a jar. After seconds, you will start ejaculating blue cum. Cum in the jar until it’s half full. Go outside, get blue chalk and write the letter “C”, place the jizz jar in the center of the drawing, then say “FUCK ME IN THE ASS” 4 times and the blue cum will start glowing and bubbling. When this happens, get naked and slowly walk to the jar. Grab the jar and shove it up your ass, deep in there. Then you will start cumming uncontrollably (the same blue cum) and levitate, Cbat will come out of your butthole and greet you, you will say “FUCK ME IN THE ASS TONIGHT, SHOVE YOUR FAT WILLY UP MY TINY ASSHOLE.” Cbat will follow your commands, C will fuck you in the ass. When C’s hot steaming cum flows trough your asshole, C will start melting and disappear. All that is left of C is a blue puddle of semen. After that, drink the cum for extra strength and protein, that is Cbat’s gift for you. Wait 2 years to summon C again.

2024-03-29 13:28:16 UTC

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