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Uploader: Bring Back Gen 3!


cbat bad g3 good!

2024-03-29 22:49:22 UTC

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2024-03-29 22:52:08 UTC
Fuck you
2024-03-29 22:52:29 UTC
You found that on r/copypasta
2024-03-29 22:53:02 UTC
You searched up “cbat” and looked for an anti-cbat copypasta
2024-03-29 22:54:36 UTC
And you probably used old.reddit because you don’t have reddit and it’s “mature content” and you have to make an acc to see it
2024-03-29 22:56:04 UTC
to see it? more like to see-BAT!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon, why aren't you laughing your ass off, ctard???
2024-03-29 22:58:55 UTC
Nobody: Cbaters: Cbat is life, I live at the same time as Cbat, Cbat can go to hell and bring the devil back up to heaven, Cbat can cure everyone’s depression and all their mental illnesses, Cbat can stop world hunger and all wars, Cbat can fix this world, Cbat can make climate change go away, Cbat can make all the trash in the sea and land go away, Cbat should rule all planets, Cbat is perfect, Cbat is amazing, Cbat is a masterpiece, Cbat is Cbat. Nobody: Wholesome 100 Breathtaking 100 Cbatic 26 Nobody: Thanos: *snaps and does fortnite emote* Nobody: Cringy Instagram users: *use emojis* Everyone disliked that Nobody: Anti-cbaters: CBAT IS CRINGE EMOJIS ARE GOOD Redditors: *kills Instagram users with le cbat memes* Holy shit dude you fucking killed him! Nobody: Cbat: *exists* All other songs: *are cringe* Songs with lyrics: *are cringe* Songs about loving your parents: *are cringe* Cbat: *exists* Everyone liked that Nobody: Destruction 100 Sneak 100 Keanu Reeves: *dies because he isn’t a cbater* Nobody: Not even a single soul: TylerLife: does le frick (secks) Sex 100 Elon Musk: is a parent Cbat: *kills him because C is antinatalist* DANK 100 SNEAK 100 DESTRUCTION 100 CBATIC 730 Everyone liked that