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I know that over the years I've been pretty harsh on MLP and that I've said alot of offensive stuff and the resulted in people making hate memes of me. But you know what?.....I DON'T FUCKING CARE! I said what I said about MLP and I meant it! That show is complete garbage and the writers wasted so much golden opportunities. Hate me as much as you want cause I'm untouchable, I've never even read a single damn word that you guys say behind my back I just ignore and pretend it doesn't exist. Hating on me is just giving me power so I'm not the enemy here you guys are, everyone has to put up with haters all the time and all you have to do is just say something mean and hurtful and then block them. Plus everytime I said something like "I wanna fart on them" it was just a way for me to troll you. It wasn't a creepy fetish or anything I just wanted to annoy you and it worked. If you just ignored me and pretended I didn't exist than that would mean I was losing. I've had to put up with alot more annoying people than me for 6 fucking years(mark my words school is so overrated so many rotten teenagers) So in the end I don't care what you people say about me if I ever offended you, called you retarded, and disrespected your opinion than I think you deserved it. I said those things because it was personal and so I could stick up for myself(when I'm not on the internet I'm not nice or mean either I'm just a normal neutral guy) So good riddance you immature morons I wish all of you the worst of luck and may god have mercy on your souls.

2024-03-30 12:51:28 UTC

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g4 sucks
the ponies are natalist and retarded
pinkie pie uses babies for fun and her only trait is being a stupid ass mom pony
rainbow dash is an asshole to her friends but they deserve it because they’re stupid as fuck
celestia needs to put down her friendship and read some books
my girlfriend hates my sex music
spike’s skin looks like lean
twilight sparkle is a mary sue
the mane six are retarded
the cutie mark crusaders are childish


2024-03-30 12:51:30 UTC
Mlp is sexist and promotes slavery and natalism