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2024-04-02 08:57:04 UTC

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2 years? 2 years. i said 2
hahahahaha. why arent you laughing? i just made a reference to the cbat reddit story! how can you not laugh at it? today i fucked up! guys
this here guy doesnt laugh at my funny cbat memes! lets beat him to death! my girlfriend hates my sex music. she didn’t tell me for 2 years making sex now awkward. the cbat reddit story in a nutshell hahahaha. what?! youre still not laughing your ass off? i made several funny references to cbat and you still arent laughing??!!! bruh. ya hear that? wooooooosh. whats woooosh? oh
nothing. just the sound of a joke flying over your head. whats that? you think im annoying? you’re so anti-cbatic. hahahaha! anyway
gotta go fuck my girlfriend with music playing in the background. hahahaha!