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2024-04-03 22:04:23 UTC

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i fucking hate cbat so much. every time i hear it thoughts of violence and destruction enter my head. if i had a wish of getting rid of world hunger or getting rid of cbat i wouldn’t hesitate on choosing getting rid of cbat for good. the thought of listening to it infuriates me. i genuinely hope whoever made that song to go to hell. even the intro is infuriating. usually i like shitty songs
ironically or unironically. but with cbat it’s just terrible. like there’s no funny. it’s not so bad that it’s good. it’s just bad. and i listened to every weezer song. i hope cbat gets deleted from every single platform and hudson mohawke gets his musician title revoked. he doesn’t deserve such title after disrespecting his years of learning by making that stupid fucking song.