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Today in history (I usually skip it because it is boring and I moderate r/tifu, way more cbatic than world war 26) my history teacher said we would be learning about China! I quickly got out my of seat and yelled “CHING CHONG I EAT DOGS AND CATS AND I’M 25 AND MY GIRLFRIEND IS 20 AND SHE HATES MY SEX MUSIC!!!!” And my friend Pablo stood up and yelled “+730 SOCIAL CREDIT”. I quickly pulled up my iPhone 8 and played cbat (an epic song). But my frcking teacher took my phone!! -32120 social credit, so not cbatic. If my teacher was in my subreddit I would permanently ban him! Me and my friend sat down in rage as our teacher started out lesson. Then when I looked up at the project I almost lost my shit… IT SAID 1989!! NOTHING. HAPPENED. IN. 1989. But an epic thing happened in 2022. No one gets it except for me and my friends. I quickly got up and said to my teacher “NOTHING HAPPENED IN 1989, BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED IN 2022! AN EPIC REDDIT STORY WAS POSTED!” and pulled out my sks. I nodded to my friend Pablo and he stood up and took out his M1911 and said “YOUR EXECUTION DATE IS TODAY, NOT CBATIC” we opened fire, blood sprayed and flies and went all over the wall. His head hit his keyboard and the sound reminded me of the vine boom sound effect.

2024-04-04 11:30:07 UTC

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