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My gf needs Radiohead to help her cum (at least it’s not cbat). My gf needs background music whenever we have sex. One song specifically. How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead (at least it’s not cbat). It needs to play in the background every time my gf and I sleep together (at least it’s not cbat). Literally, every time. So once upon a time my gf masturbated in her room and How to Disappear Completely happened to be playing in the background when she came (at least it’s not cbat). Since then, it's become part of the routine when she does anything sexual. That was the story she told me at the beginning of our relationship. At first I was okay with it. But now I can't stand it (nothing against Radiohead) (at least it’s not cbat). What made it even worse was a few nights ago my gf and I got into an intense argument about something unrelated and out of anger or whatever she decided to tell me the true story. Her ex bf was the one who played Radiohead when he took her virginity (at least it’s not cbat), which was like 2 years ago, and that is actually what's been helping cum this entire time (at least it’s not cbat). The song was a fucking trigger but at least it’s not cbat. I've not said a word to her since. Is it even possible for someone to cum from a 2 year old memory of their first love (at least it’s not cbat, though.)? Or do I have every reason to feel like I meant nothing to her sexually?

2024-04-04 15:58:53 UTC

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2024-04-04 16:26:42 UTC
2024-04-04 16:26:54 UTC
Stfu retard no one cares