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2024-04-12 16:49:17 UTC

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2024-04-12 17:32:39 UTC
cbatic 730 cbat reddit moment i saw instagram normies be natalist and use watermarks so i punched them and my doggo bit them so i gave him snaccos because he is very wholesome 100 like big chungus cbruh moment 2 years sex tifu shut up elon you have kids and i’m antinatalist my doggo bites watermark supporters i made someone eat his parents i’m a proud cbater everyday i go on perchance and spam cbat copypastas 2 years today i fucked up my girlfriend hates my sex music tylerlife’s girlfriend is a bitch cbater moment perchance rainbooru roblox tiktok instagram reddit i vandalize on derpibooru with my huge list of cbat tags
2024-04-12 17:42:20 UTC
So today at school my classmates were misbehaving so my stupid ass teacher decided to give us a lecture. I wasn’t focusing because I was sleepy so I didn’t hear a lot of the stuff she said. But I heard her say “never in my two years of teaching did you misbehave this much!” TWO YEARS?!?! I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. SHE REFERENCED THE CBAT REDDIT STORY. I suddenly yelled “TWO YEARS?!?!?!?! IS THAT A CBAT REFERENCE?!?!?!?!” No one laughed. They all stared at me like I just killed someone. The teacher yelled at me to get out of the class and I had to stay after school because of the stupid and anti-cbatic principal. But thankfully my dad picked me up from school and I didn’t have to stay. (I still hate him and my mom for creating me though). Life is Cbat. School sucks. I’m going to drop out of school.