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STOP POSTING ABOUT NOAH BEING A FART BOY! I'M TIRED OF SEEING IT! MY FRIENDS ON PERCHANCE SEND ME MEMES, ON RAINBOORU IT'S FUCKING MEMES! I was in a perchance chat, right? and ALL OF THE CHANNELS were just "Noah Is A Fart Boy" stuff. M-my girlfriend farted in my mouth and I said "hey babe, I'm a fart boy" I fucking heard someone fart and said "FART IN ME DADDY" I looked at someone fart I think of Noah and I go "FART IN ME I'M A LITTLE FART BOY" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGESFG

2024-05-11 10:26:02 UTC

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noah is a fart boy


2024-05-11 19:48:16 UTC
Hey, I'm a loser, gooning whenever I have nothing better to do and I really want a woman to get me off in the most humiliating way possible... what could be more humiliating than getting me off to farts? If you could actually share some that would really elevate it, but just talking about them or rp face sitting me while letting rip and telling me about the wild sex you have with real men will do just as well for a loser like me... come play with me and please be disrespectful, but also actually encourage me to get off, I want to waste my load for beautiful women's gas Kik - Biggestloser98
2024-05-13 13:24:21 UTC
My class if full of NORMIES! So I trolled them. So we had a substitute teacher and he went to get something from the back room. I decided to pin a paper with the link to the cbat reddit story written on it on the wall. Everyone starts telling me to stop and I yell “FUCKING NORMIES! REEEEEE. USE REDDIT YOU FUCKING ANTI CBATERS!” Everyone is uncultured and looks at me like a weirdo. The girl says “The fuck is wrong with you? I don’t care about Cbat.” I reply by making a Cbat reference “Are you mad because your girlfriend of two years told you she hates your sex music?” My class starts yelling at me calling me autistic because they don’t know memes. The sub comes back and sees the paper and this happens. Sub: Who did this? Me: Oh I think it was Joe. Sub: What? Me: Joe GF Of 2 Years! I start rolling on the floor laughing. My sub gives the entire class lunch detention and everyone is mad at me but at least it was epic lol. Just wish people were more cultured in Reddit. I’d like to remind everyone that after school everyone was talking shit abt me. So I stood in front of them on the planter with Cbat playing from my phone with full volume. Fucking everyone calls me a weirdo. I see a group of kids on their phones, so I walked and they were playing Fortnite (cringe and not cbatic). So I call them a bunch of autists. They walked away like a bunch of fucking anti cbaters.