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2024-05-21 20:09:31 UTC

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2024-05-22 09:11:52 UTC
The Cbat Reddit story is driving me BONKERS. First year teaching sixth grade language arts here and almost every day I have been bombarded by references of this god forsaken meme. When I assign online projects and web quests, a good half of my GoGuardian tab is just memes about the story which are promptly locked and closed. My students do this on purpose to provoke me, knowing I will see their windows: "Am I on the right page? Look, look!" Hilarious. When I'm going over our weekly vocabulary slides, it's now interrupted by constant remarks and annoying singing. It's actually a curse. Over break, I finally read up and took a look at the story and it's the most baffling stuff to me. Why are kids so obsessed with this junk?