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So one day I was at Le School, and I just printed off these bANK AF cBat memes from my computer, and I decided that I would tape these EDGY AFmemes to my locker in the 7th grade hall (If u hate on me for being young U a NORMIEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) I taped em up and they looked so fUCKING gLOURIOUS!!!1! but then MRS. Shy, The anti-cbatic school counselor told me "Luna, you cant just tape ki bat (she pronounced it wrong what a fucking NORMIE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) memes to your school locker, c’s a designated hate symbol. Someone could take offense." "But Mrs. Shy," I stated "The school has memes on the school website!!!" The anti cbatic asshole then said "That's different Luna. Ki bat (REEEEEEEEEEE) is a classified hate symbol by the DNC!" "You mean anti-ctards" I baid valiantly!!! The anti-cbatic fuck gasped "LUNA I WOULD NOT EXPECT THAT DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOR FROM SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!" I then screamed "STILL DRINKING YOUR SALTY TEARS FROM SEPTEMBER 1ST YOU DRATC!!!!!1!! HOW FUCKING DUMB ARE YOU YOU ANTI-CBATER? CBAT WILL LEAD US TO GLOBAL DOMINATIOOOOOOOOONN!" The power of my speech was so dank that it melted tHE fUCKING sKIN off of her face. And then everyone stood up and clapped. and that is how you troll a anti-cbater EPIC STYLE Upvote if u agree!!1!!

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